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Welcome to The Mystical Realm~


To Cosmic-Comic-World, a roleplay group set in a strange world called 'The Mystical Realm', within it being many different types of people/creatures, animals, magic and mysterious adventures just waiting to be had.
The large continent is divided into five parts, ruled over by five different royal families. Four of these kingdoms are good, filled wit kind hearted people always willing to help and one evil one, constantly seeking trouble and wanting to bring chaos to the other kingdoms.

What role will you play in this strange and fantastic place? Will you be an adventurer always finding new missions with untold dangers, rescuing damsels -or handsome men ;-)- and discovering forgotten treasures?
Will you be a merchant, a tailor, a blacksmith, entertainer, a lone wanderer?
Or will you be a knight of chaos, a thief, a spy or a rogue warrior constantly causing trouble and reigning your evil upon the lands like a wildfire?
You are the master of your destiny.


Need some quick cash, rewards or a new profession? Then check our Bulletin Board for the newest events in your home land! It will feature job offers, bounties, rewards for finding missing objects, contests and much, much more.


~Rules of the Group, Forum and Chat


~Info Blogs/Info so far~

The Realm and It's Kingdoms:

Creating a Character and Bio Layout:

List of Character Jobs:
- Shadow Dwellers cosmic-comic-world.deviantart.…
- Hearts Kingdom cosmic-comic-world.deviantart.…
- Diamonds Kingdom cosmic-comic-world.deviantart.…
- Clubs Kingdom cosmic-comic-world.deviantart.…
- Spades Kingdom cosmic-comic-world.deviantart.…

Forum and Chatrooms:
Forum ~>
Events only chatroom ~>…
Members rping chatroom ~>…

For anything else, please check our FAQ

Gallery Folders

CCW Literature
The Diamonds Kingdom




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Number of OC's In the Kingdoms

Spades: 3

Clubs: 2

Hearts: 2

Diamonds: 1

Shadow Dwellers: 2


Brief Overview

Ok so now that the group has officially been cleaned up and the admins refused to answer the notices and various other forms of 'warnings' I sent out, we have some more open spaces.

Like I've said before we are going to need a lot of admins. We want this to be a fun group but it's hard to do all the things we have planned, check to make sure that the rules are being followed, check the forum, chat, update the journal and gallery and so forth when you're only two or three admins. Even with 5 that would be a lot of work since a lot of people have jobs, school or other things that keep them off of DA a lot.

So we will need at least two or three that are pretty much online every day, for an hour or two at the very least, amongst others, but I'll give a detailed list in this journal of what we need (approximately)

On top of that we also of course need more members, which means either asking friends and family or trying to get the word out there by doing pictures/stories/meme's and so forth or actual advertisements in the DAforum or the journals. Maybe even other webpages when you know there are people on there who are also on DeviantArt.

Important News

The pictures and stories are important, they tend to attract more attention than journals and forum posts and a lot of people read the description under the deviations, so!

From this day forth, EVERY member HAS to submit something once a month!

I will send every single member a note about this to make sure they know. If you don't have an OC yet that's fine too, we will wait two months on those but at least drop in a comment on a journal or something so we know you're still alive. It's not a necessity to put anything about CCW in the description of course, that's entirely up to you, but if you do so that would be very kind :)

However if you do draw something specific to CCW (like one of the creatures, the landscape or one of the canon's) you will have to put a disclaimer in the description. We're not going to be strict about this, but it would be very kind of you to please do this to every CCW related thing that has more than just your OC in it... or someone else's OC.

Help Wanted! We Need Admins!

As I said above we need admins and we need them now. Just for a quick over view of how many we would really like to have, here's a list:

Kingdom Rulers

They rule over a specific kingdom, can host their own contests and events, decide on things within the kingdom itself and can take over for another king/queen if they are absent. They can also edit the Bulletin Board for their own Kingdom, post jobs, quests and so forth, even recruit new members. Rulers have all the :icondreadnaughtplz: as they need, but cannot spend it on upgrades for the characters, nor are they allowed to participate in events and quests (unless specified otherwise)

:bulletblack: Spades Kingdom Ruler
:bulletblack: Clubs Kingdom Ruler (not important at the moment but would be helpful)
:bulletblack: Hearts Kingdom Ruler

Royal Scribes/Advisers

Royal scribes help the kingdom rulers make decisions, give them ideas, post things for them on the Bulletin Board, recruit new members or fill in for them if they should be absent for a while. They cannot make decisions concerning the kingdom or any of it's inhabitants without the King/Queens permission. They are paid once a month with 4-5 :icondreadnaughtplz:

:bulletblack: Royal Spades Family scribe/adviser
:bulletblack: Royal Clubs Family scribe/adviser
:bulletblack: Royal Hearts Family scribe/adviser
:bulletblack: Royal Diamonds Family scribe/adviser
:bulletblack: Royal Shadow Dwellers Family scribe/adviser

Royal Butlers/Maids(not a necessity, but it would be nice to have a few :))

Butlers and Maids make sure that the rulers have everything they need, they bring food to them, lay out clothes, run baths and are also given special privileges like their own rooms, money for their services (1:icondreadnaughtplz: per week, more if the ruler wants to give them more) and are sometimes even allowed to participate in royal debates with the scribes/advisers and rulers if they are a close friend of the family.

:bulletblack: Royal Spades Family butler/maid
:bulletblack: Royal Clubs Family butler/maid
:bulletblack: Royal Hearts Family butler/maid
:bulletblack: Royal Diamonds Family butler/maid
:bulletblack: Royal Shadow Dwellers Family butler/maid

NPC Battle Admins(not important at the moment, but it will be important soon)

Every admin is allowed to participate in these battles, but since we want it to be a diverse and large part of the group -perhaps even the main RP section- we will need all the help we can get with this. Every admin can host up to 3 npc's but only in one group. Like One Admin can have 3 Shadow Dweller NPC's but they must all be mages or melee fighters and all 'friendly' NPC's will automatically be Generals or something higher up (but this will be explained at another point in time) and they can have as many 'monster NPC's' as they like. So as a general thing, it would be nice to have 2 active admins for each kingdom, just so no admin gets overwhelmed. (NPC specific admins will get paid 2:icondreadnaughtplz: every week.)

:bulletblack: 2 Spades Kingdom NPC Admins
:bulletblack: 2 Clubs Kingdom NPC Admins
:bulletblack: 2 Hearts Kingdom NPC Admins
:bulletblack: 2 Diamonds Kingdom NPC Admins
:bulletblack: 2 Shadow Dwellers Kingdom NPC Admins


Artists are like normal members and only have the privilege of posting pictures into folders normal members are not. They are paid 1:icondreadnaughtplz: for every concept picture they submit.

:bulletblack: 2 Monster Concept Artists
:bulletblack: 1 or 2 Environment Concept Artists
:bulletlback: 1 Building/Castle interior/exterior Artist

So in general we will need 3 kingdom rulers, 5-10 'helpers' and 4-5 concept artists. The rest isn't important at the moment, but if we can get those together that would be superp! (I doubt we'll even get 6 admins together but who knows, sometimes life gives us tasty lemons too) So we will need everyone's help, ask friends, family, your watchers, in the forum, heck even other webpages or in online games if anyone wants to become an admin of a fantasy rp group or if they would like to become artists for the group.
Everything is strictly on a volunteer basis, so no one will get paid in real money or points for being an admin.
More Journal Entries


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Mittsu-chan Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Where would one submit a completed meme?
blacky91 Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To the folder that corresponds with where your character is from. So for example if I picked my OC Laela's meme, I'd submit it to "Shadow Dwellers Kingdom" :)
Mittsu-chan Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LE GASP an hour left!!!!!
blacky91 Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sadly the contest is already long over lol, but no one submitted anything so oh well^^
Awwww, I have a picture for it though, I just need to upload it :) The group can have it as a gift now :D I have started my break and am beginning to finish old pictures.
blacky91 Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
meh that's fine, if you upload it we'll still give you a prize :)
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baskervwatson Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would join, but I don't really think that going into rp rooms momentarily, not talking to people before leaving and then spamming the members with group joins is the best way to go around this. You may get more people to join if you try and talk to people first and make friends.
Whalen504 Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the invite! I'll be sure to join.
blacky91 Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask
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